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Built for managers and leaders who want to giddy up their team

Communication is key. Improve your retrospective meetings with clear performance reports and monthly team feedback.

Giddy for teams - team feedback application
Boost your team's happiness
and productivity
How happy is your team right now?

Make sure your team is heard by giving them a place to express thoughts and ideas.

How are your projects going?

Get reports on project performance based on your team’s feedback and ratings.

How is the quality of your service?

Get visibility on your team's productivity and the quality of their work in all your projects.


Improve performance

Track your projects

All your project ratings in one single place, easy to consult and browse through.

Discuss team issues

Track your company's continuous evolution by participating in the process with your team.

Plan future actions

Identify projects that are underperforming and define clear actions for improvement.

Giddy for teams - track project performance
Giddy for teams - get team feedback
TEAM Members

Provide real feedback

Vote for projects

Vote and express your concerns. Help managers identify priority issues within the projects.

Reflect on metrics

Make your votes effective by reflecting on four different metrics and rating accordingly.

Add your notes

Identify possible solutions and write your personal notes to discuss with your team.

Great for digital agencies and
software companies

Segregated teams on multiple projects are difficult to manage. Make sure everyone can communicate to improve motivation and productivity.


The software industry is a competitive one. Get feedback from your teams, keep up with each project and stand out with the best quality.

It’s easy to get started with our employee feedback tool

1. Create your account
2. Invite your team
3. Set up your projects
4. Vote every week
5. Discuss ratings monthly
Giddy for teams - project performance tool