Giddy - team happiness tool

Make your work environment the best it can be.

Giddy for teams - team feedback tool

What is Giddy

Giddy is an employee engagement tool that allows gathering feedback, tracking projects, identifying problems, and planning actions.

It helps you get the feedback you need from your teams to improve communication, boost productivity and reduce employee turnover.

Giddy gives a voice to team members, allowing more visibility for project managers to take action. A powerful tool for managers and leaders that want to track project performance and reinforce team happiness.


The story behind Giddy

Giddy was built to improve an internal process at Coletiv. As a digital studio with teams scattered on multiple projects, it was necessary to evaluate current projects every month to see how everything was going. And, most importantly, how the team was feeling.

But these retrospective meetings were ineffective and time-consuming. To simplify, Coletiv built a system to allow each team member to vote on different aspects of their projects. Allowing to see what improved and deteriorated compared to other months.

And that’s Giddy!

Giddy for teams - get feedback and track projects

Giddy's vision

Most project managers only have a client point of view of how the projects are going.

But, at Giddy, we believe that the future is focusing on team members and their constructive feedback. That way managers can really understand how projects are performing and what is the quality of service provided by the teams.

Team happiness plays an important role in productivity and quality of service. If the team is unhappy, it won’t deliver the best quality possible. And the other way around: if they don’t create quality work that they enjoy, they won’t be happy in a project. And will probably leave.