It’s time to track team happiness and performance

Get all the features you need to understand how your projects are going and, most importantly, how your team is feeling.

Giddy for teams - project management app
Everything you need to become
a better manager for your team

Get complete visibility of all your projects, check on team mood, identify problems and do something to improve.

Giddy for teams - get team feedback

Voting system

Ask your team to vote for specific projects and metrics once a week. Provide a safe space for feedback and check how to meet your team's needs.

Project analytics

Understand what's happening on each of your company's projects and track specific metrics like Client mood, Team mood, Project Management, and Quality.

Giddy for teams - track project performance
Giddy for teams - get team feedback

Monthly reports

Compare monthly ratings and discuss each project with your team members during a quick meeting. Discover metrics to improve using Giddy.

Comments & Actions

After discussing project ratings with your team and identifying problems, you can add comments and actions for improvement directly to your monthly reports.

Giddy for teams - track project performance
Giddy for teams - get team feedback

Project highlights

At the beginning of each month, you’ll get the monthly highlights and an overview of all project ratings. Including the biggest growth and decrease.

Team management

Invite your team members to join you and manage their roles inside the application. You can add as many members as you need and scale.

Giddy for teams - track project performance
Introducing the Giddy feedback
process to your team

After you set up your company and all your projects, you should invite your team to join you once a month.

Vote for projects every week

Everyone in your team should vote for their assigned projects and leave 1 to 5 ratings on specific metrics.

Schedule a team meeting

At the start of each month, you will have a report with all the project ratings. Take it to a team meeting.

Plan actions for improvement

Listen to the team. Add comments and actions to the Giddy report to help you plan improvements.

Repeat this monthly

Improving project performance and team happiness is not a one-time process. Keep working on it.