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August 1, 2022

The Giddy process: from team feedback to action

Communication is key to improving relationships, team happiness, and productivity. That’s why we created the Giddy process and team feedback tool.

Priscila Correia

Communication is key to improving relationships, team happiness, and productivity. That’s why we created the Giddy process and team feedback tool.

Two years ago, at Coletiv, we felt that our team was split through different projects, and communication between everyone was becoming rare. 😥

When you work on different projects remotely, you mostly only talk to the team members involved in the project. Which is natural. But, because this happens, it is difficult for managers and the rest of the team to understand the full scope of achievements, problems, and challenges inside each project.

So, we started scheduling retrospective meetings with all the team. But, since we did not have a proper structure, the meetings took a long time and ended up being ineffective.

With that said, we created a system for everyone to vote on their projects and share ratings on specific metrics to keep the retrospectives more focused. 💪

Today we want to explain, in more detail, the Giddy process and how it can help companies facing a similar problem.

Step 1 → Vote for each project

The first and most important step in the Giddy process is for everyone to vote on their specific projects/departments/teams. Whatever you prefer to call it.

Our team feedback tool has a weekly voting system that allows you to vote on four specific metrics inside your projects: Client Mood, Team Mood, Project Management, and Quality.

At the end of each week, Giddy asks your team to vote on their assigned projects. And rate each metric from 1 to 5 stars. ⭐️

Your final project vote will be an average of all metrics. You can edit your votes as many times as you need until the end of the month.

Giddy process and team feedback tool - monthly voting

Going into detail about each metric, this is how we perceive them at Giddy 👇

Client mood → If your project has a client/product owner/user, you are voting based on their feedback, interest, and involvement in the project.

Team mood → In this metric, you vote for your mood/satisfaction working with your current teammates in that project, considering communication, collaboration, etc.

Project management → You evaluate your project manager's overall performance, ability to define tasks, meet deadlines, organize the team, etc.

Quality → This metric is about your quality of work and the overall delivery made by your team inside the project;

When voting, each team member can write their notes and suggestions to discuss with the whole team later. This leads us to Step 2.

Step 2 → Organize a retrospective meeting

Once everyone in your team has voted for their assigned projects, you can access a Giddy report with an overview of all ratings. 📊 This report is available at the end of the month.

Take this report to a retrospective meeting and discuss each project with the team. Ask all your team members for their specific feedback and suggestions to improve.

Giddy process and team feedback tool - monthly reports

Having a proper structure for your meeting is essential to make it more effective. 💡

Some suggestions:

  • Have a moderator for the meeting;
  • Set up a time for each person to share feedback;
  • Everyone should have the Giddy application open to check project analytics;
  • Prioritize talking about projects with lower scores;
  • Take notes while discussing each project;
  • If you have a big team and hundreds of projects, have several managers organize different meetings. Don't try and squish everything into one.

Managers (aka owners) can edit the Giddy report and add comments as the discussion is happening. 🙌 This allows identifying the positives and negatives and planning actions for improvement right away.

Step 3 → Plan actions for improvement

After discussing and identifying aspects to improve, you can always go back to the Monthly report to check what has been discussed and even mark specific actions as completed.

Remember that getting feedback is not enough. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Managers should take advantage of Giddy to plan improvements and keep track of what improved or deteriorated over time.

Giddy process and team feedback tool - Actions and comments

Giddy is a complete employee engagement software that provides a safe space for feedback and proper analytics tools to help make informed decisions.

Ideally, digital agencies/studios or software companies can use this process. But, any company with several projects or teams can take advantage of our voting system.

Step 4 → Repeat it every month

Doing this process once is not enough to fix all communication problems inside your projects.

We created the Giddy process so it could be part of any company culture that values employees and cares about team happiness. 😄

The Giddy process: from team feedback to action - giddy blog

So, go through it over and over to create a productive work environment inside your company. Every month, ask your team to vote, set up a retrospective meeting, and plan actions to improve. Also, test whatever works for you.

If you want to try this process, you can download Giddy for Android and iOS. And feel free to send us a message with your feedback!

Thank you for reading 🙏

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Stay tuned for more content on team happiness. 😎