Communication is key in solving problems

Get honest feedback from your team members and get better visibility over your company's concerns. Before it's too late.

Giddy for teams - feedback tool built for managers and leaders
Understand high-level problems
within your projects

Communicate with your team more often and identify issues that keep productivity and team mood low.

Poor communication

Lack of communication leads to problems like low team mood and absenteeism.

Low team happiness

Team unhappiness affects all aspects of work like quality and productivity.

Low quality of service

Unmotivated and unproductive teams cannot deliver their best work.

Segregated teams

It can be challenging to keep in touch if your team is remote or split between projects.

High employee turnover

If your team members are unhappy, they will most likely want to leave your company.

Issues with delivery

If your team is not productive, it may impact the delivery for your clients.

For managers who care about
team happiness

Giddy allows you to understand your team better and plan actions for improvement.

Increase productivity

With Giddy, you get constant feedback from your team to identify problems and discuss actions to create a productive and happy work environment.

Boost team mood

In Giddy, you can track a metric called Team Mood. This way, you can check if your team members are happy and motivated. If not, plan actions.

Track projects

With Giddy, you can keep track of your company’s projects and get a monthly overview of your team’s ratings on specific metrics in just one place.

Retain employees

If you don’t increase team happiness, employees will want to leave your company. Provide a safe space for feedback and improvement.